Brighten up your Home with Beautiful Glace & Cotton Bed sheets sets

Are you looking for a superior quality glace or cotton bed sheets and that too at a reasonable price? Then look no further as we offer beautiful patterns of glace or cotton bed sheets which enhances the beauty of your bedroom. All our bed sheets are made up of soft cotton fabric that makes your sleep better.

We have all range of printed, designer and handmade bed sheets available both of cotton and Glace. We are known throughout the world for the quality and timely delivery.

Why to prefer Cotton Bed Sheets?

  • Cotton is the widely used lovely fabric
  • It is soft, breathable and makes the bedroom looks classy and stylish at the same time.
  • The cotton bed sheets are easy to wash and live-longer as compared to other fabric bed sheets
  • The colour of cotton bed sheets does not fade quickly

Different types of Cotton Bed Sheets:

  • American Upland: The most commonly used cotton in sheets, known for its shorter-length staple fibres.
  • Pima: Pima Cotton is a long-staple cotton fibre, well-known for its strength and durability. The fabric produced by Pima cotton is super soft weave and a subtle sheen.
  • Supima: It is the trademark name that used only when a product is made with American-grown Pima.
  • Egyptian : Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton, known for its finest and longest staple. The Egyptian cotton produces luxuriously soft and durable bed sheets.
  • Linen : Lines is famous for it breath-ability and improves with age, linen is recommended as the best cotton bed sheet.
Cotton Indepth

Cotton is a soft, staple fluffy fabric that grows in a protective case, around the sheets of the cotton plants. The fibre is almost pure cellulose. There are some places around the world where cotton has found in glorious diversity such as Mexico, India, and America etc.

If we talk about India, then Maharashtra produce approx. 26.63% cotton of India while Gujarat yields 17.96%, Andhra Pradesh contribute 13.75% cotton and also Madhya Pradesh, these are some of the leading cotton producing states.

Cotton was first excavated in 5000 BC in Mexico. After that the production of cotton is speeded globally. Today, China is the world’s largest producer of the cotton followed by the United States.

The cotton is famous for versatility, softness, breathability, absorbency, performance and durability; these are some of the qualities of the cotton.

Types of Cotton Fabrics:

Broadcloth: It is a tightly woven lustrous cotton with embroidered crosswise ribs. Usage: Shirts, blouses and in home decoration.

Chambray: The fabric can be woven with a mixture of coloured and white yarn. Usage: To make curtains, shirts and dresses.

Damask: It is a patterned fabric rendered on a jacquard loom.  Usage: Table linens and tea towels.

Canvas: It is a rough woven cloth made with coarse yarn.  Usage: Cushions, Sleepovers, shower curtains and paint drop cloths.

Chintz: It is a smooth fabric that is covered with printed designs or strips. Usage: Upholstery and romantic bedrooms.

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