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Ajrak Bed Sheets – The Marvel of Resist Printing

Ajrak fabrics are one of the wondrous block printing tradition given to the world by the North-Western regions of South Asia. The roots of Ajrak can be traced back from Indus Valley Civilization, around 2500 BC-1500 BC. The marvellous Ajrak fabric is used to craft incredible shawls and bed sheets. It is also the name given to the block-printed tiles found in Sindh (Pakistan), Kutch (Gujarat) and Barmer (Rajasthan) in India.

For the Sindhi, Ajrak is more than a piece of fabric. The fabric represents the Sindhi ethos and tradition. Ajrak fabric is widely famous for its colourful designs and symmetrical patterns.

Designing with Ajrak Bed Sheets

The term Ajrak is derived from Azrak, meaning blue in Arabic. Blue is considered as the primary color in Ajrak block printing, others include yellow, green and black. Usually, this cloth is about 2.5-3 meters in length. Traditionally, the Ajrak design is used to print on both sides of the cloth with a technique called resist printing. The printing on the cloth is done by hands only with wooden blocks.

As, printing the Ajrak cloth is a long process, the complete procedure lasts for two weeks. To get the desired print on the fabric the artisans scoured, beat, steamed, mordant and dye the cloth many times. Water also plays a vital role in printing the Ajrak fabric.

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