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Fashion in focus: Men’s printed trend

By December 8, 2017 No Comments

Bold prints are everywhere in the big fashion world. Shirts, Pants, Ties and even men’s casual blazers come in a variety of bold prints that we have never seen before. So underscoring the trend of prints making a clear pathway directly a man’s wardrobe is not acceptable. The best part about them is that they are not even tricky to wear, in fact, they are at the avocado on the toast level of popularity these days.

Prints, in general, attracts people attention and that’s why they are rapidly becoming a favourite of men’s classic wardrobe. Men have included printed designer shirts in their daily style that makes them look stylish and give a variety to their outfits which can be very dull otherwise.

With the season’s print mantra “Think 1950s by the seaside”, let’s explore the trend of bold prints for men.

Men’s smart fit designer printed shirts

By their patterns, printed shirts are a lot more casual than the other dressing shirts. But this doesn’t mean you wrap yourself in a leopard print shirt with some coloured jeans or wear a neon hibiscus print shirt with formal trousers. In fact, get them right with proper combinations and that’s it you are all impressive. A floral printed shirt is probably the most common printed element in your style that can be worn with jeans or trousers but keep the colours to a minimum otherwise you’ll end up looking like a tourist at the beachside.

Printed pants are the next statement fashion

Printed leg wears are very uncommon but can make a real statement. Experimenting your wardrobe brilliance with your bottom half can be a good alternative to the everybody-does-it jacket or shirt. Just focus on your printed look and hush the rest of your outfit. Do remember when you are wearing a printed legwear, keep the top as simple as possible. A white cotton shirt is always on trend with printed leg wears. Also, match your printed trousers with your footwear.

Blazer in bold prints

Before you start digging your brain, you should really not consider wearing prints from head to toe, Just add a hint of prints anywhere in your outfit. If you are wearing a formal outfit inside, you can try a printed blazer outside then. These printed blazers are a perfect fit for your any look either formal or casual.

Trendy printed accessories for men

If you don’t like the full length printed pattern but want a hint of prints in your outfits then there are many printed accessories for you. Printed ties, pocket squares, neckerchiefs and even shoes, they all have some very good printed patterns. All these accessories are meant to compliment your everyday style and are among the definite inclusions of your wardrobe makeover.

So shy guys, upscale your dressing style and embrace these bold patterns for a highly attractive personality. Wear these prints with confidence and make yourself the centre of attention.

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