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How to take care of your cotton bed sheets?

By February 8, 2018 No Comments

For better hygiene and health purpose, it is always recommended to wash your bed covers at least once in a week, that means more washing and drying of your delicate bed accessories. More washing results in more wear and tear on the sheets. Decorating your bedroom with our lovely handcrafted bed sheets is one of the best ways to beautify our home. Unfolding a bed sheet and displaying it all new gives our bedroom a fresh and positive feel. But maintaining the same look and feel all year around is a tough task. And the hectic lifestyle of today doesn’t allow anyone to spend hours in washing and taking care of these printed bed sheets every once in a week.

Cotton bed sheets are much harder to look after than other bed linens. Cotton is excellent fabric for bed sheets as it absorbs moisture and creates an ideal environment for sleeping. But to make them look like you have just bought them demands extensive care. So here are some tips to reduce time and stress involved in this labour intensive process and to keep our bedroom clean and fresh all year around.

Pure cotton washing and drying

If your set of bed sheets is in the range of 300 to 500 thread count then it should be washed in hot water with regular detergent and dried up in a hot setting. But if your bed sheet has luxury thread count more than 1000, then exposing them to the high temperatures might break their feel. For your over-delicate silk satin bed sheets, warm water and a cool setting in the dryer is good enough. Here are some other handful tips:-

Pre-stain treatments:

Pre-stain treatments are really good if your bed sheets have big stains of tea, coffee or even wine at some particular places. But remember pre-washing is only helpful when you have stain over a wider area.

Fabric conditioning and smoothening:

As cotton handmade sheets are already soft, fabric softeners and conditioners are not always needed. They are only required if the area you are living in has a hard water supply. So to help to retain the absorbing nature of cotton, try to wash the bedding once in a month with fabric conditioners

Tumble or line drying?

The hard task is washing clothes without crimping them. If you are living in an apartment or the depths of winter, then you have to use the tumble drier at the lowest settings and dry the bedding over the time without making use of excessive heat.

Remove your bedding from the dryer when they are little moist and hang them over a door under the sky and within 10-15 minutes they are ready for you to use and look feel and great.


To make your sheets look like they are just opened up from a packet, iron the bed sheet when it is still slightly damp. Do not have your iron too hot and don’t use it in one place for a longer time. Use quick and long strokes up and down to get rid of the creases effectively.

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