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Myths about silk satin bed sheets

By December 18, 2017 No Comments

People in India do not put many efforts about how they can get a peaceful sleep. They most frequently are found discussing the activities done before sleep and the quality of mattress as a damaging factor for broken sleep. But they forget that bed sheets and pillowcases can also be the reason behind your tiredness when you wake up each morning. Yes, the fabric on which you sleep matters a lot. Most people prefer cotton as their favourite bed sheet fabric but satin is also popularly used.

Satin, the centuries-old fabric was precisely originated as the rich man’s choice but it is gradually becoming a favourite of all. Satin, unlike silk, is not made up of a raw material, white satin bed sheets have weaving folds to keep the yarn together and have the lustrous texture and softness. While satin bed sheets have all the good things within, they are much criticised because of many myths popular among people. And here they are:

Myth 1: They are slippery:

Well, it’s true that silk satin bed sheets have less friction compared to your cotton bed covers but it’s not likely that you will slip off them. This myth is popular because they are often mistaken for impostor satin silks that are made from polyester. These polyester based silk sheets are actually slippery but real satin sheets are very soft in feel.

Myth 2: They get shrunk when washed:

First, good quality silk sheets don’t require dry cleaning every time when you wash it. They can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water but make sure you use a silk-friendly detergent. Ans second, they don’t get shrunk if cared correctly when washed. If they fit your bed perfectly before washing they will remain the same after washing also.

Myth 3: Silk sheets catch my skin:

Silk satin sheets made from the man-made fabric polyester are very slippery and also catches your skin if your hands are rough and dry. But this is not the case with 100% pure silk satin bed sheets. This is just another case of mistaken identity.

Myth 4: They are chemically processed:

While some cheap quality satin sheets can be processed under chemicals like bleach for whiteness but pure silk sheets are naturally white and don’t need any bleaching. Their production doesn’t even require pesticides and herbicides used in other industries. In fact, silk is always a better choice for those who want less chemical exposure from bedding.

Despite all the facts and myths available in the market, silk sheets are especially suitable to create a romantic environment. They often have a higher price tag but you can hunt for them online for reasonable prices from many options available there.

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