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Praising the trend of printed shirts

By November 8, 2017 No Comments

Once persistently avoided printed shirts are now among the must-haves for a men’s wardrobe. When it comes to wearing a printed shirt there are mainly two categories where our men fall. There are the ones who wouldn’t walk within ten-mile radius wearing a designer printed shirt and then there come the men who love wearing bold patterns as if it were their birthright. But one thing is clear with these fluttering design trends is that printed shirts have secured a place in every men’s wardrobe.

To prove that we are not all talk and printed shirts can work for all the creeds of men, here are three ways, you can wear a printed shirt.

The Statement Shirt

Statement shirts are on trend for quite a long time now, and we don’t think they are going out of fashion anytime soon. The amazing thing about these statement shirts is that they are incredibly stylish and can be worn in a variety of ways. Yes, it is true that a statement printed shirt can be tricky to pull off. Moreover, the task of balancing your entire outfit with it is a real headache. When all the bold prints must be carefully considered, statement shirts must be carried out simply with a black or navy bottom.

The Striped Shirt

There is no doubt that the striped shirts are your constant companion in wardrobe makeovers.  Striped shirts are a mixed bag and worn by almost every style subset on the planet. They are versatile, and that’s the reason they are maintaining their charm for years now. When it comes to dressing, the belief of opposite attracts remains firm. Hence pair these bold stripe pattern shirts with formal trousers and give fine stripes an informal dressing.

The Floral Shirt

When It comes to printed, floral by default secure a definite place. Flower prints are easy, breezy, colourful and made up of the fabric which is soothing on the skin. Flower prints are mistaken as the clothing pattern for women or a pattern for printed bedsheets but when worn in the right manner means with comfort, confidence and style, boys can also look ravishing in these bold flower prints.

So there you have it. Floral prints can make you a centre of attention in good means when worn confidently. But make sure your rest of the outfit is at the minimum with neutral colours. You can pair it with slim fit trousers or maybe with a pair of jeans. So make wear floral this season and make a statement for others.

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