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Styling tips for printed & designer dress shirts

By January 10, 2018 No Comments

As a man, have you ever wondered what kind of apparel suits you? Are you thinking of ‘dress shirt’, then your answer is spot-on. Designer & printed dress shirts are all the time favourite apparel of men. Whether it is a business meeting, family gathering or hangouts, a dress shirt is an ideal choice for every type of occasion.

Printed designer shirts come in a wide array of designs, patterns and colours. Sometimes, it becomes hard for men to choose the right dress shirt, which looks enchanting and distinct at the same time. So, that brings us an important question –  that how should one look more charming in printed designer shirts?

Some of the valuable shopping tips for your next printed designer shirts are given below.

Choose the Right Style: In today’s time being in fashion is a must. A dress shirt without appeal looks much better than the duster of your house. it won’t attract anyone, or it will make you seem fuddy-duddy. So, if you want to make everyone WOW with your style statement then add untucked designer shirts to your wardrobe.

The Untucked designer shirts have gained enough popularity within the recent times. But what makes them so appealing is their ‘untucked’ aspect. Roaming the streets with these untucked shirts will surely give you stylish look. The best part of these untucked shirts are that they give a combination of both styles, i.e. formal and casual.

Consider the quality of the fabric: No matter how stylish or how fit you look in your designer shirt, if the fabric is of poor quality, it will pale all your appeal. So, before purchasing any dress shirt either online or offline, pay more attention to the quality of the fabric.

Get the Right Fit: Getting the right fit for the designer shirt is very important, it contributes you to look more stylish. Now, the question which is often asked by men that how to find the right fit designer shirt? Well, there are several factors to consider when opting the right comfortable fitted shirt such as size and shape – men should neither purchase too tight nor too loose shirt.

printed shirts for menAnother misconception that fatty men have is that baggy shirts make them look stylish. Well, actually, loose clothes may never succeed in giving you the comfort and appeal. Moreover, it may seem your body bigger. Therefore, to get the right fit prefer to purchase slim fit or regular fit dress shirt.

Texture & colour can make a difference: Well, there are the enormous colour of designer shirts available in the market, and all are ideal. The most trusted colours and all-time favourite dress shirts colours are blue, black, white, red and navy blue. But in case of a printed dress shirt, you have to be extra careful. You have to consider your body structure first. Suppose you are on heavier side then check pattern shirt and floral printed shirt don’t look right, it would be better to opt vertical lines shirt as it emphasises the length and hides the waist part. Whereas, if you are slim then checked pattern shirt or horizontal line shirt would make a look more focused and lean.

All in all, wearing the right fitted dress shirt not only transform the way you look but also leave a classy personality mark on the onlookers.

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