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Tips to choose the perfect bed sheet for your bedroom!

By December 26, 2017 No Comments

Think about the most amazing sleep you ever had in your life, and what strikes your mind? There might be many adjectives when we think about our ideal sleep along with the stress-free mood. You will be surprised but the bed, mattress, your quilt or even your bedsheets contributes a lot in a good night’s sleep. Yes, the bedsheets are as important as the good quality mattress in sending us off to dreamland.

A bed sheet is not only an utter need of your bedroom but also an aesthetic appeal that everyone needs. The sheer variety of bedsheets available in the market can confuse anyone and buy these bed sheets online is even more challenging. As we spent most of our time in our bedrooms or we can say on the beds, the bed sheet is the only material that directly comes in contact with our skin. That’s why a good quality bed sheet that not only looks good but also feels good is necessary to own. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while buying a bedsheet, let’s have a look:

Material of the bed sheet

No matter you are buying a printed bed sheet or a plain bed sheet, the material of the cloth is very much important to consider. If you prefer prints on your bed make sure the fabric is 100% cotton or if simple is your choice, then satin has no match.

Thread count of your bed sheet

The higher the thread count is, the softer the bed sheet is, but that’s not always true. Thread count helps you to understand the durability and strength of your bed sheet. The thread count is typically the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of fabric. It means 100 threads in each direction equals 200 count sheet. The thread count of a quality bed sheet is as low as 200 thread count. So don’t pay extra for higher thread counts.

Size of the bedsheet

Choose a dimension of your bed sheet that compliments your bed. It is obvious that you don’t want a bed sheet too small and too large for your bed. Just measure the depth of your mattress and add 2 inches on each side to get the exact size of the bedsheet.

Be creative and colourful

Your bed sheet plays an important role in making your bedroom beautiful and luxurious. You have the freedom to go creative in choosing the design and style of the bed sheet. While choosing the designs, you can always play with the colours. Colors give emotions and motivated the mood which is essential for a bedroom decor. Ajrak bed sheets are another compliment to your bedroom.

So depending on the interior of your bedroom, choose a bed sheet that magnifies its elegance. Keep these points in mind and shop for the unique and attractive bed sheets online or offline.

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